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Интервью с Трифоном из Sauerkraut (Болгария)

Совсем недавно взял интервью у Трифона, многие, наверное, знают его группу Sauerkraut - нойзкор\нойзграйнд. Я не стал пока делать перевод, т.к. Интервью прекрасно именно в оригинальном варианте. Почему? Почитайте и сами поймете :)
Если все же перевод нужен, оставляйте комментарии.
Итак, о музыке, о политике, о жизни в Болгарии -

>1) How old is Sauerkraut? Tell us few words when and how it was formed.
-back in 2000 i realized that playing some crappy grind would also be very interesting and later in 2001 with a couple of friends recorded the very first demo- crappy as fuck. with the same guys recorded the 2nd demo - even worse than the 1st one :>> i remember i got two possitive reviews in a russian web-zine "gore deathgrind". in fact, if you know what goin on with this zine, write back, it's was a very good one for sure! then got a bit ,ore deeper in the local underground, recorded some rehearsals with various mates, but since 2004 have steady line-up of me-vox, Ivan-guitar and Joss-drums at the live shows. it's pretty interesting as we are all from different towns and don't have the possibility to rehearse a lot:>>as for the releases as far ... mostly splits , everyone can possibly check them at our pages

>2) About the name, why "Sauerkraut"?
- Sauerkraut (квашеная капуста, right?) as a word , sounds good.. kind grindy , hard ,sharp...besides : -sauerkraut as a meal fits perfectly to our national drink - rakiya (a kind of samogon) -the typical bulgarian sauerkraut isn't the same like the german or european ones, it has different taste and of course - is bulgarian -it's very healty (contains a wide range of vitamins , well-preserved) -the juice helps you when you have a headache after a hard night -it's social - here almost everyone prepares own home-made sauerkraut- no rich , no poor, all are equal

>3) Why did you decide to play noisecore? Is it for fun or you have some ideas or message or so on?
-it's the music i like, so somehow... keep in mind that cannot play at all at whatever instrument so grindnoise core fits me best.

>4) Name some bands that influenced Sauerkraut.
-it's hard to say, because almost all of the song s are "composed" by friends that have played a rehearsal or two with me... but i've always tried to keep it simple, without musicianship

>5) You have many splits - what are your favorite ones?
- the one with Anal Macabre(great, cult bulgarian band, now rip); with AGx, although it the agathocles part that i like our is shit; the one with Permanent Death - great rehearsal and PxD is a great band too; ...hmm i forgot some ... w Pissdeads :>> they kick ass! and had an unbeliavable release - cd in a papper-castle with a bonus of chocolate bar !!!crazy russians! (by the way, do you have it? or its limited to 1 copy? or i had to get one but you've eaten my chocolate and thrown the cd to the toilet?:>>); oh and two of the latest releases - teh splits w Anal massaker (should i commwent) and the one with my friens of Grupa X and KPIPSENBDSM(you should check grupa x's site - they are crazy as fuck , and just obssessed by alcohol:>>)

>6) If you give concerts, tell how it usually happens (what do you play, how the audience reacts, the atmosphere etc)
- up till now, we've played... 10 shows.. very few ..but i'm happy as it's always a pleasure for us :>> ussually someone calls us if he doesnt know our stuff ... we play mostly covers of NxD, Agx, cripple basards, AxCx, Patareni ... but almost noone recognises them, well ,all are dancing in the moshpit, as all are drunk, we are happy , the audience is happy (but doesnt remember us) ... fun

>7) What music do you like? Besides noisecore of course
- lately i listen to Phill Collins' platinum collection cd..., some local hiphop, metal ,experimental ,nice ballads....

>8) What do you do in your normal life? (Studying, working and so on)
- well, right now i work as barman in hotel at the Pamporovo resort, during the summer as guide for stupid czech turists... i've studied in a college for tourism for 6 years (despite , it normally takes three), but i still haven't graduated. not married , don't have children ... now i'm devouted to music , work , ... trying to safe money for driver's licence, for new furniture for my place

>9) What attitude do you have to straightedge, animal liberation, fascist movement, politics?
- well, straightedge is too straight for me ... i like animals, but here we have deep traditions in home breeding of pigs , cows so SXE is not exactly what we preach...bad attitude in huge farms towards animals that cannot defend in anyway is certainly unpleasant , but slaughteing your pig for christmas, drinking oaks of wine ..it's a normal way of life over here.fascists suck... lately here are problems with populist parties that clain nationalism and corrupted ethnical parties, so wicked nationalism ,misunderstood patriotism are here quite serious problem.the ussual nazi skinheads are , of course, stupid.politics, politicians they all suck - blqt ,pizdec, huj

>10) Tell a few words about your local extreme scene.
- lately here's a sort of revival of the extreme music, but it's mostly fashion technical goregrind, which is a bit boring for me. here are just a few cool bands - Grupa X, K.P.I.P.S.E.N.B.D.S.M., Purgative Enema, V.O.A, Anal dissected Angel - to name some. lotsa of gigs in the caPItal , but nothing in countryside

>11) Russia. Few words about it. In general (just everything you wanna mention - our extreme music, our politics, vodka, girls
- lovely! Slav brothers (sounds silly, right?) моя мама закочила в лининграде. я смотрил ОКНА с дмитрим нагиевичим, никогда неучился русково езика, ну несколко слов знаю. :>> Путин самьи лучший президент:>> , хорошие филми для отечественой войньi ... 9я рота, грозевие ворота, ночной дозор, особенности националной политики, рибалки, охоти, банньi, :>>>> култовая группа - Schizophrenia, водка, girls - have to try them ... as i'm a bit dissppointed by ours :>> almost forgot - alla puga4ewa and filip kirkorow

>12) Tell few words to russian noisecore guys.
- bulgarian-russian noisecore - fraternity forever! don't hesistate to get in touch! >If you wanna mention or add something - do it, of course.thank you for the space in your zine, it's been a pleasure! Trifon


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