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Splatterfuck Records. Интервью.

Интервью с директром лэйбла Splatterfuck Records.
7 сентября был мне прислан ответ на все вопросы. Получилось интересно и подробно.
В этот раз оставил английский вариант.
Если кто-то хочет видеть эту информацию на русском, пишите в комментариях.

1) Few words about the history (how did you begin, why, how many people took part etc)
Mental Abuse Productions was started in early 2007. It was just something I made up to promote my projects, then I ended up releasing a few other bands, & arranged a few splits.
Then i just decided to keep going with the label thing.
It wasnt quite what i thought it would turn out to be, so I ended up doing something more enjoyable & i quit doing that in the beginning of 2008, & started up Splatterfuck Tapes.
The main thing of Mental Abuse was mostly pro CDRs, with a tape version of the CDR as well. But Splatterfuck was nothing but tapes.
Recently i changed the 'Tapes' to 'Records' so that the production isnt limited to just one format. I released a few CDs on a sublabel created in the midst of Splatterfuck, but anymore i would like to keep all the production under one roof, so to speak. Production has slowed WAAAAY down recently due to the conditions in our fucked up American economy. Normally, whatever money i make from the label, goes right back into it to stay stocked up on shit, but if I'm not making that money to put back into it, theres no point in running it, its like kicking a dead horse, i end up being over-stocked on a multitude of stuff that just sits around, so things are currently on hiatus until things improve. I still have the shop open though, to sell/trade distro & releases, just not 'releasing' anything right now.
2) was it difficult to find artists for your label?
-Very difficult! It always ends up being an "i'll ask you, dont ask me" policy. Youll have so many people thats youve never talked to before, just asking you out of the blue, "wanna release my demo?" (shouldnt it be YOU who releases your first demo??) "wanna release our split? you can download our demo & let me know if you want to release it" just STUPID fucking questions like that, never supported your label before, dont even own any releases, just emphasizing the "what can YOU do to help ME" attitude. Fuck, fuck, FUCK that shit...Theres alot of posers out there too, gotta be on the lookout for those, they're the worst. I can definitly say if you run a label, you'll come across more stupid bullshit than 'fun' shit. Then you have to find in yourself, the personal reasons to keep doing it, and TRY to ignore the dumb trivial shit.
3) what equipment do you use?
-I dont like to get too in-depth of what i use, and for good reason, but i will say, whatever I can get my hands on really. You can use just about anything for sounds if one uses it right.
4) how many copies do you do?
-Usually anywhere from 10 copies up to 100, just depends on the release, & format. No reason for over-production.
5) why tapes?
-Tapes are an obscurity, & the sound that comes from them is not too far off from that of vinyl. Also, the CDR thing was just WAY overdone.
6) do you like porno? what do you think about shemale porn?
-Porno is very boring unless it involves piss, or someone getting killed. And as for She-male porn, shemale SNUFF movies are better, that way i can get the enjoyment of watching some fag get his/her throat slashed open, hahaha!!
7) tell about your normal life (activities, occupation, family etc)
-Well, i'm currently unemployed, going to school for Medical Lab, & scraping for any money i can get (sounds like a fun life eh!?)I spend time with my son on the weekends when I get him, & spend time with my girlfriend. When I'm not doing any of those things, I'm recording. Not releasing so much, or any releases these days, but I will always record my own music no matter what.
8) sXe? is it cool?
-What the fuck is sXe?
9) do you have any projects? I mean bands, one-man bands.
-Yea, quite a handful, the experiments out-weigh the projects, no doubt, but these days i'm not experimenting so much, just putting much more time & ideas into the main projects.
10) what other music styles do you like? if you do.
-Old industrial, black metal, death metal, haha no big surprises, I'm an extremity freak. Most other music is totally gay & I hate it. I havent bought a CD in a store for so long, & I keep it that way.
11) what is your favorite flower?
12) fish or meat?
-Must... eat.... meat.......
13) Have you seen the latest movie with Johnny Depp? as for me, it sucks.
-Who the fuck is Johnny Depp?
14) Ted Bundy or J. Dahmer or John Wayne Gacy?
-I'll definitly have to go with Bundy on that one. The other ones had homosexual-based killings. Yes they were insane, but kinda gay! why someone gonna molest guys & then kill them, JUST KILL THEM!! DONT BE GAY!Another great thing about Bundy was he was a total sadist, & it even shows on that half-smirk on his face. That just shows you he just wants to kill & enjoy it, he dont care. Even when when he died there was a smile on his face, love it!
15) your favorite horror film?
-Theres so many I have no favorite, but ones i really dig are Phenomena, Burial ground, Womens Flesh, Last House on the Left, etc. THAT movie wasnt so much a horror flick, but demented & sadistic in its own way.
16) do you have a girlfriend?
- Yea, she used to play drums in Dermatofibrosarcoma, but its R.I.P. now.
17) Harsh noise party is the best party?
-Blasting harshnoise as i watch snuff films or gore flicks with the volume off & getting high, being by myself, is a party of its own. ...Why doesnt anyone want to party with me??
18) Do you like Mortal Kombat? If yes, what part? And in general what about computer games?
-I dont fuck with games really.
19) What demands shall the band meet to have a release on your label?
-They must have some unique quality about them, something original, not to mention totally intense. But I like to have an ecclectic list, so if somethings not 'totally insane' it would have to be totally obscure in itself. Also, which plays a big part, I have to be able to get along with the person behind it too.I dont release shit unless I feel it deserves to be released. And, most importantly, just because somethings popular, doesnt always mean its 'good'.
20) do you know any russian bands?
-Not too many but a few: Closing, Cryptic Stench, Flatv5, Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium, & i know theres a few others i cant think of right now. (I hear so much shit i tend to forget certain details)
21) a few words to our readers. if you have something to say, feel free to do it :)
-I dont usually have anything really interesting to say, but thanx for the interview & support!


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